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WHS's Tyler Miller places in WITC welding competition
(5/17/2019) WITC-Rice Lake hosted the 2nd annual Northwest Wisconsin Welding Competition on May 10, which brought over 200 high school students from 14 high schools throughout Northwest Wisconsin to the campus.
The students were able to put their skills learned in the classroom to the test in various types of welding techniques. Each team consisted of five competitors with each teammate performing a different welding process. The competitors had to build and weld a part from a print with a 30-minute time limit. They were scored as individuals in each category and the teams were rated overall.
The five welding processes were: Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Oxyfuel Cutting and a written exam.
While the overall winners of the competition went to two Rice Lake H.S. teams, and a team from Hudson H.S, Washburn High School student Tyler Miller placed 3rd in the Individual competition in the Oxyfuel cutting category.
In addition to the welding competition, the campus also hosted a Technology and Industry Expo and Open House. The Expo featured many businesses from the WITC district and beyond. Attendees could network with the businesses, learn about their products and services and participate in live simulations. It also provided an opportunity for the high school students to connect the programs at WITC to their related careers.